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A pure online application process is currently not possible

A pure online application process is currently not possible

In particular, the data protection officer, the protection community for general credit protection, as it calls itself, a thorn in the side, which is why it is now possible to apply for a free credit bureau self-information online and at least to edit the collected record. A pure online application process is currently not possible. All you need to know is an informal letter to credit bureau telling you who you are, where you live and that you want to find out about yourself. Pure online information is chargeable. Further information is available from the credit bureau for a fee on the order form for free self-assessment.

Of course, the credit bureau does not like that very much, which is why the information and forms required for this purpose are relatively well hidden on the credit bureau website!

But be careful if you get into the free credit bureau information otherwise! This manual is designed to help you once a year to get your free credit bureau self-help information quickly and unbureaucratically.

The credit bureau information

The credit bureau information

It is only available as a PDF file and is available in three language versions (German, English and Turkish). In the case of exact compliance with the following paragraphs 1-6, your self-declaration will be sent to you by credit bureau within a very short time by post free of charge. Here you can download the credit bureau information order form.

The German nationals send the complete and signed form together with a copy of the identity card (“front and back copy”, easy to read) or with a passport copy (also easily legible) and a registration certificate in a sufficiently franked envelope by post.

Citizens of other countries please send the complete and signed form together with a passport copy (legible) and a copy of the registration certificate of the registration office in a sufficiently stamped envelope by post to the address of credit bureau Holding AG. The data overview according to 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act gives you all the data that the credit bureau stores about you.

The credit bureau information is personal to you. Mobile phone accounts and mailorder accounts and your personal credit bureau basic rating as well as the probabilities transferred to your employees in the last 12 months (credit bureau score values) and the actual probability to your employees. Your “Basic Scoring Score” (also known as the credit bureau score) is to be understood as an assessment of your own performance and is intended to prove your current inability to pay.

A bad credit bureau score is often an exclusion from business life. In such cases, only special offers such. B. Rent a car without credit bureau, rental without credit bureau, credit at Negativcredit bureau or other service providers who do without credit bureau information and also a credit bureau entry.

Alternatively, there is also a creation-free bank account with credit cards, a private account or a giro account without credit bureau.

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