New Year’s decision: Financial freedom

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As we celebrate the old and look forward to the New Year, many of us make deep New Year’s decisions that make us want to improve our lives. In addition to recreational decisions in Croatia, it is popular to make some financial decisions.

Many are considering closing their cash debt to friends and family, how to get out of the “red”, or completely close the minus on their account and pay off various card debts.

With low salaries and high costs, this seems almost impossible and only causes us stress. The New Year is the perfect time to cut through the feeling of powerlessness and start controlling your money. To do this successfully, you need to learn the secret of smart money management .

Successful money management


We are often torn apart and do not know what to do, which bill to pay sooner? We are saluted by service bills on all sides as we try to keep up with technological, fashion, nutrition and other social trends, or at least make it possible for our children. And of course, it has to be for all existential needs, though too often we just stumble there. And as much as we rationalize, we somehow happen to be spending far more than our financial means .

In these moments, it is good to know that there is financial support and that we can apply for a loan. Don’t be a slave to money! Use the resources offered in such a way as to get the most out of them.

One such tool is the new Good Finance Bank’s FREE Credit Offer. It applies to all loans in the amount of HRK 300 to 3000 with a repayment period of up to 30 days for new users.

Such tools should not be your walking stick, but rather a sauce device. So use them when it is really urgent, when you are in greater financial or health danger, or when you are offered a fantastic opportunity to later profit in a crucial way, but you are simply not in the money right now.

When you realize that the financial services market can work to your advantage, you will see different eyes.

Where to go with a financial transformation

You will first need to change your attitude. We like to say that we have nowhere to tweak or linden to start closing our debts. But such cases are indeed extremely rare (though they exist). This may mean that for a short time you will be deprived of any form of luxury (coffee with friends, cigarettes, going to the hairdresser), but if you put your focus on the goal – you will endure even without it.

For starters, start recording all your income and expenses . This is how you actually get to know your spending habits.

How to create a financial plan

How to create a financial plan

A financial plan is important in order to successfully manage finances and ultimately achieve financial freedom. It gives us insight into how we will manage the budget over a period of time in order to achieve our goals. Write down all your expenses and income and determine how much you spend and how much you earn.

The main goal is to reduce costs relative to revenue and to make a positive difference at the end of the period. To be motivated, always determine the reason why you are doing it, whether it is paying off some debt or saving for a specific purpose.

How to reduce costs

There are several ways in which costs can be reduced. Before each purchase, ask yourself if you really need it and how it will affect your financial plan . Reduce overhead costs by switching off lights, rational use of water, etc. Make a meal plan and get a good idea when you buy a more expensive item, compare prices and be sure to find the best one.

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